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Decadent Bread Pudding, Cookies, & More 

In addition to our Inside Out Cakes and cupcakes, Auntie Vee's also makes bread pudding cookies, pies, and more that will blow your mind. Each one is baked with care with only the finest ingredients available in the Chicago area.


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*Auntie Vee's New Savory Break Bakes*

Savory Bread Pudding

Auntie Vee's Savory Bread Bakes! $9.95

Croissant bread pieces soaked in a cream based sauce, infused with a variety of ingredients then baked to perfection and drizzled with special sauce to create the perfect dish!

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Time Out Magazine Rank #1 At Taste of Chicago

Delectable Apple or Peach Cobbler

The fruity goodness of our peach cobbler will take you right back to the orchard.
They are filled with mouthwatering peaches or ambrosial apples.


Bread Pudding & Cheesecake

Auntie Vee's Bread Pudding

In Auntie Vee's Bread Pudding, the bread is soaked in our special sweet cream sauce, drizzled with pecan brown sugar butter topping, infused with white chocolate chips and then baked to perfection. This bread pudding is paired with warm caramel drizzle sauce. Choose from our original or award-winning Macchesie Puddeeze, You won't be disappointed by the sensational tastes of these two bread puddings. Treat yourself and the family to some delicious home-style original bread pudding. Macchesie Puddeeze is a fusion of mac & cheese with our original bread pudding to create a sweet and savory bread pudding.

Heavenly Sweet Potato Cream Cheese or Pecan Pie

We have had customers say our pies are heavenly, indulgent, and the best pie that they have ever had. Our buttery crust has been described as unbelievably good, fantastic, and mind blowing. Judge for yourself—call today to place an order.

Cheesecake on a Stick

You no longer have to wait for the next street fair to enjoy cheesecake on a stick. Now you can have it any time from Auntie Vee's.

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